Hello, I am Chandler Klebs. George made me the new administrator of the causalconsciousness.com website. I am trying to keep all the relevant information on here and preserve the basic look and feel George started when he originally made this site.

Most of the time I am managing our new Free Will, Science, and Religion and Impersonal Opinion podcasts.

Originally I became a fan of George's show: Exploring the Illusion of Free Will. I soon became motivated to share the information with the world about why we don't have free will and why it matters in our daily lives. Some time later, George saw that my computer skills and motivation was great enough that he made me administrator of the Causal Consciousness website. What started out as a hobby turned into a part time unpaid job. The important thing is that nobody is paying me for working on this site or managing the podcasts. This doesn't mean that I do it of my free will however. The message of determinism is that basically I had no choice but to do what I want. Free will is not only an illusion but a harmful one that justifies revenge based on the idea that others deserve to suffer for choosing to do what we don't like. To contact me about anything related to this site, the podcasts, or more about me, your best bet is to email me at: chandlerklebs@gmail.com .

I'm a busy man and if I haven't responded to you in a week, it means I either died, lost internet connection, or accidentally deleted your email. So it might be a good idea to send me a message onFacebook if your message is ultra important. For the latest info about my work related to free will, or other interests, you might want to look at my YouTube channel.